Friday, June 12, 2009

Whitechapel Art Gallery reopens

Trust A, my best angmoh friend in London, to show me all the goodies. To me, Whitechapel used to be The End of Petticoat Lane Market, The Other Side of Brick Lane and What Is A Gorgeous Mosque Like You Doing In A Place Like This- kind of place, but from now I will bury myself within the Whitechapel Art Gallery's belly, most probably snuggled up against the tomes in its very seductive bookshop.

It reopened in April after a whopping 13.5 million pound-refurbishment and look at the grand dame now!

But since I don't know how it looked like before, I shan't go down this route.

The Nature of the Beast by Polish artist Goshka Macuga (shortlisted for last year's Turner Prize) sits right in front of a monochrome tapestry version of Picasso's Guernica. This version of Guernica has its usual home outside the UN Security Council but we might have it here since people would every now and then cover it up to make speeches.

Guernica on tapestry

A secret snap I made at The Whitechapel Boys before the very bored librarian jumped to her feet to tell me off. I think she just wanted to get to know me. The things I risk for this blog.

Caught an interesting film, Lunch in Fur, with that hint of Breton/ Dali-ness before going to see some s*** painting at Great Early Buys from the British Council Collection. I'm not being rude! There WAS elephant dung on a painting made of dung sheets.

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At 12:43 AM , Blogger The Exhibition Reviewer said...

I've written a review of the Whitechapel Gallery and will be putting my review of the Isa Genzken 'Open, Sesame!' exhibition next week.

If you're interested do give it a read, you can find it at

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