Friday, June 12, 2009

Singapore Day

If there can 'happy belated birthday', why not 'belated Singapore Day'? C was asking for some pics of me gorging on mee goreng while she enjoys the real thing back home...

It was held in Hampton Court, which looked remarkably like a wonderland of Hershey's Kisses.

It not only looks exactly like the real gantry, it even beeps. And with all the flashing LED lights (in broad daylight), I'm sure this is the centrepiece of the venue set-up. I have this large image so you guys can relish every detail of how our taxes are used.

This cracked me up 'cos I've never seen anyone throw rubbish into a bin in London (except A (who's from Finland)).

Dim Sum Dollies larger than life!

All of us got freebies - balloons for her, satay sauce and a cap from the Army for me.

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