Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loyal Women @ Pleasance Theatre

Loyal Women by Gary Mitchell
26 April - 5 May, 730pm @ Pleasance Theatre
Director: Stephen Wrentmore
Designer: Yu Kim Tan

This play tells about the women of the Ulster Defence Association profess political allegiance to the British monarchy and domestic allegiance to their menfolk. They are bound by an enforced code of warfare, not just against Catholics, but within their own ranks and they create an impression of a vengeful squad capable of violence and cruelty as repugnant as that of the men.

£9 / £6 concessions
For booking enquiries, please call 020 7609 1800 or visit

Outofstock debuts at Milan Furniture Fair

Momento at the Salone Satellite
Organised by Outofstock
18 April 2007 - 23 April 2007
Salone Satellite, Milan

For those lucky folks who is at the Milan Furniture Fair this week, do make it a point to visit Outofstock's debut collection — Memento, to be presented at the Salone Satellite at Milan
design week 2007, celebrates shared childhood experiences across the globe. The objects subtly remind of a time when toy soldiers and balloons was all it took to bring a smile, days of climbing trees and rolling in fresh snow. People grow up but their childhood lives in their hearts forever.


Better Design = Better Living?

10TOUCHPOINTS is an opportunity to improve our surroundings and how we live by looking the design of tangible bits of services we experience in everyday life. Be it the parking coupon, the seat at the hawker centre, the playground ...the list is endless.

We connect with the items we consume and they represent the opportunities for services to make a connection with us. We called them TOUCHPOINTS.

The 10 TOUCHPOINTS to redesign can be found on the site:

We are looking for entries from designers and non-designers in Singapore, students and professionals from architectural, engineering, communication or related-design field to participate.

Deadline for the registration is 15 of May 2007 and the deadline for submission is 16th of July 2007.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do not miss...

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Kinetica Museum
6 April to 5 May

The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is celebrating its 28th year with a show featuring more that 80 pieces of hand-made automata - automatic mechanisms with concealed motive power. The exhibition will tell the story of the company, taking in its dark humour and insights. The ride of life takes place at the Kinetica Musuem, old Spitalfields Market in London. Visit for more information.

English National Opera
5 April to 1 May

ENO presents the London stage premiere of Philip Glass's Satyagraha, the second in the composer¹s landmark trilogy of 'portrait' operas about men who changed the world. This poignant new production based on Mahatma Gandhi's early years in South Africa, explores how the spiritual and political leader developed non-violent protest into a powerful force for change, as India
marks her 60th year of independence.7 performances remaining. Visit

last time to experience…
Carsten Höller @ the Tate Modern
End this weekend 15 April

To date, Höller has installed six smaller slides in other galleries and museums, but the cavernous space of the Turbine Hall offers a unique setting in which to extend his vision. Yet, as the title implies, he sees it as a prototype for an even larger enterprise, in which slides could be introduced
across London, or indeed, in any city. How might a daily dose of sliding affect the way we perceive the world? Can slides become part of our experiential and architectural life? This free event is ticketed, so make sure you arrive on the day at 10am to ensure that you get a ticket. For more ticketing information, visit