Thursday, July 12, 2007

Straight 8 @ Rushes Soho Shorts Festival

is one of Rushes Soho Shorts Festival most popular event.

It puts film makers in an unusual position of seeing their own rushes at exactly the same time as the audience in an event devised people to shoot films instead of talking about it.

The brief is to shoot a three-minute twenty-second epic using Colour Kodak Ektachrome Super 8mm film. No edicting is allowed and the film must be hand over exposed but not developed along with an original sound track. Filmmakers do m=not get to see the film until it is screened in front of a huge audience.

Gavin Lim, a Singaporean independent film maker will be screening his short film too at Straight8 this year. For more details about Gavin, see:

Straight8 will be screened at Curzon Mayfair on the following dates:
Sunday 29th July, 4.30pm Screen 1
Monday 30th July, 6.30pm Screen 1

To book your tickets, please call 0870 7564621