Thursday, October 16, 2008

Singapore Animated! next Saturday

SCNUK is proud to present the first public screening of some of the best animations from Singapore.

We have award-winning director in the Singapore International Film Festival, Gavin Lim, to curate the animations which will be screened at an audience capacity of 185 at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

The following are the synopsis of the featured animations:

3 Feet Apart
by Jason Lai
6 mins, 2002

Set in the near future, this is a charming tale about Han, a boy who is born with a phone inside his head. He is in love with Pepper, a girl who is born with two small speakers inside her head and a small TV inside her right palm. Han and Pepper are a pair of star crossed lovers – for they always have to be three feet apart from each other.

Crocodile Journals by Yeo Lee
6:30 mins, 2004

A crocodile disguises himself as a human being, to live in the human world. Although no one knows about his true identity, they sense that he is different. One day, he gets an invitation to a
masquerade party and his true identity is revealed.

SuperDONG by Pok Yue Weng
4 mins, 2007 (PG – Parental Guidance)

What happens to toilet graffiti when we're not looking?

The Mole by Victric Tang
12 mins, 2007

Little Molly Parker fell sick one autumn. Her worried parents quickly summoned the family doctor, Mr Anderson, to attend to her. The first visit from the doctorwas such a titillating experience that Molly secretly hopes for his next visit. Herdark desire leads to an unexpected turn in her life. The Mole is a whimsical taleabout longing and pining.

Overhead Clouds by Yeo Lee Nah
5 mins, 2005

Unable to find employment, a man finds himself in an unusual situation when a dark cloud begins to hang over his head feeding off his energy…

Subject by Davier Yoon
2.40 mins, 2008

A test subject in an experimental facility finds a way to escape, but it soon becomes apparent that escape is not what he is after.

White by Tan Wei Keong
2 mins, 2007

A man decides to give up his head for a fanciful one in the name of self-improvement.

Elephant OK by Srinivas Bhakta
6 mins, 2007

Entering a forest where everyone is approved as elephants, a real elephant finds it difficult to prove himself an elephant.

Bloom by Srinivas Bhakta
5 mins, 2005

Inspired by a folk tale from India, this animated short narrates and explores a dream like relationship between a young lady and a tree.

Nothing We’re Just Talking
by FromPamm
5 mins, 2008

A make believe transit of pretend conversations over scenes that have grown to be insignificant; drawing a parallel to the theory of an anti-social society.

Tickets are on sale at ICA box office: 020 79303647
The event will start at 10.30 am at the ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art,
The Mall, SW1Y 5AH

This event is proudly sponsored by
Void Deck Films & Objectifs Films

Asia House presents Indonesian Inspired

• INDONESIA Inspired

During October 2008 - as part of the annual Connecting Cultures Series - Asia House presents Indonesia Inspired, a festival showcasing some of the most influential and exciting contemporary arts of Indonesia. This is the first event of its kind in the UK and the biggest Indonesian contemporary festival for many years.

Indonesia Inspired showcases a dynamic and fresh face of Indonesia and its people today. Through popular themes from food to film, fashion to design, these events will reflect a modern face of Indonesia with its dynamic society and the ability of its people to transform. For more information, visit Asia House

Singapore Playhouse London

Its time once again to get involved with the hippest theatre group in london at the moment - Singapore Playhouse London. Following last year's successful staging of Invitation to Treat, they are back this year with another exciting, explosive project that will stretch your artistic wit and challenge your creative boundaries. Singapore Playhouse London has consistently been staging Singaporean work in London and exhibiting it to rave reviews in London, and hence, this year, they have in store a series of theatre improvisation and writing workshops that are guaranteed to not only provide a avenue for your artistic expressions, but will also develop you as an actor, director, writer, or whatever you fancy within the theatre world.

To get involved, simply drop Singapore Playhouse London a mail by the end of the week with your name, contact number, institution (and year) of study, as well as a whole bunch of information which you think might be useful to them. They will then contact you with further details regarding auditions and such.

Action now!


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

D&AD President's Lectures Autumn 2008

Dont miss the Autumn lectures featuring:

Kyle Cooper
15 October
Peacock Theatre, London

Matt Pyke, Universal Everything
23 October
St George's Hall, Liverpool

Michael Peters
6 November
Logan Hall, London

Sanky, AllofUs
27 November 2008
Logan Hall, London

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to buy tickets

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Typhoon 5

Yellow Earth is delighted to present its fifth international playreading festival. Typhoon is a unique and vital event in British theatre diversity, promoting the best of contemporary East Asian drama and showcasing quality British talent: East Asian writers, actors and directors. T5 sees the exciting world premieres of our first Yellow Voices initiative, during which Yellow Earth mentored three writers over one year, in partnership with Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Soho Theatre and the Young Vic. T5 also includes work from Japan, Singapore and the USA, and one of these six new plays will tour next year.

Previous Typhoon writers have come from eight East Asian countries and two diasporas, and they welcome submissions for T6 in 2010, particularly from unrepresented East Asian countries and diasporas. Their Literary Associate, Philippe Cherbonnier, has done a sterling job coordinating the festival. The growing confidence of this sector, buoyed by the rise of China and the success of the Beijing Olympics, has set the theme for this year’s seminar.

Many British East Asian (BEA) artists have benefited from their Professional Development schemes, and several new companies have been set up as a result. This is the first time that the Typhoon festival has featured majority BEA directors.

Yellow Earth Theatre
Yellow Earth was founded by five BEA performers in 1995. The company produces work that explores universal themes from an East Asian perspective, celebrating cultural diversity through an integration of theatre skills from the East and the West. The range of work covers new writing, devising and the reinterpretation of classics, with an emphasis on exploring the links between contemporary experience and multicultural heritage. The company also runs educational workshops, residencies and community projects as part of its outreach programme.

Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th November 2008

Soho Theatre 21 Dean St London W1

Tickets: £5 (£3 concessions)

Box Office: 020 7478 0100 or

Typhoon Festival Offer

Book for all six readings and get 50% off. Call the box office and quote ‘Typhoon Festival Offer’.

Please note that all tickets must be booked together.


Boom by Jean Tay (Singapore)

Director: Philippe Cherbonnier
Tuesday 4th November, 7pm
The living and the dead jostle for space as the economy booms and development runs riot. An old woman who refuses to move battles her estate agent son, while a psychic civil servant has problems persuading a stubborn corpse to relocate.

A Dream of Red Pavilions adapted by Jeremy Tiang (Yellow Voices, UK)
Director: Jonathan Man
Monday 3rd November, 7pm

Based upon Cao Xueqin's classic 18th century Chinese novel about the rise and fall of the aristocratic Jia family, this is the tragic love story of two beings from the spirit world born to experience the fullness of life.

wAve by Sung Rno (USA)
Director: Kwong Loke
Thursday 6th November, 7pm
Loosely inspired by the Medea myth, this dysfunctional love story veers from madcap farce to tragedy as one isolated Korean immigrant collides with the illusions of the American dream.

Pathological Happiness by Kazuko Hohki (Yellow Voices, UK)
Director: Adjjima Na Patalung
Friday 7th November, 7pm
Alone in her lab, a Japanese pathologist Maiko encounters a talking cell which declares its love for her. A naked man, cloned from the same cell, steps out from the incubator and an unusual love triangle begins.

Keeping up with the Wongs by Andy Cheung (Yellow Voices, UK)

Director: David TSE Ka-Shing
Saturday 8th November, 7pm
In Walthamstow, the British Wongs hatch a desperate plan to outdo their new neighbours from mainland China, but will success prove to be their ultimate downfall? A contemporary social satire of one-upmanship where nobody wins.

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