Friday, November 30, 2007

Q&A with Royston Tan

Are you happy?
I'm happy because I'm sad

What makes you sad?
When I 'm in love

Madonna or Kylie?

Have you said I love you and not meant it?
Never, Its hard for me, i can't lie very well

What is your favourite smell?
Body scent from my love ones

Indiana Jones or Han Solo?
Indiana Jones

How often do you have sex?
Well once a month

When was the last time you had sex?
With myself??? yesterday

What do you most dislike about yourself?
My inability to communicate through words.

Which living person do you most admire?

Is it better to give or to receive?

What is your greatest fear?
I lost my memory

Durian or Papaya?

Q&A with Royston Tan provided by PECCADILLO PICTURES.
4:30 by Royston Tan opens at the ICA Cinema from 23rd NOV.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

4:30 by Royston Tan at ICA

Royston Tan's second feature film 4:30 opens at the ICA cinema from 23rd NOV for 2 weeks only. This is the second part of his trilogy of films based around numbers. The third feature, 881 was a huge success in Singapore.

Royston Tan, is a unique filmmaker, controversial and extremely talented. His debut feature 15 has won numerous prizes around the world and instantly thrust him into the international spotlight. 4:30 is a tender portrait of Xiao Wu (Xiao Li Yuan), an eleven year old Chinese Boy and his tenant Jung(Young-jun Kim), a thirty-something Korean man. Told entirely from the perspective of Xiao Wu, this story of two very different characters is less about friendship than about a shared experience and appreciation of solitude.

"Remarkable and Beautiful" Encounters Film Festival

Peccadillo Picture and ICA have offered SCNUK members a discount to see the film. Please email to

Thursday, November 15, 2007

SCNUK presents PROJECT: slingSHORT

Sunday 25th November 2007
3.00 - 5.30pm

Singapore High Commission in London
9 Wilton Crescent, Belgravia,
London SW1X 8SP

Admission: £5 per ticketOrder your tickets by contacting Brian Tan at 07930378922

For security reasons: full name, email, field of work/study andcompany/institution are required at time of purchase.

All proceeds to PROJECT: slingSHORT will be donated to charity.

PROJECT: slingSHORT, scheduled on 25th November 2007 will be supported by The Singapore High Commission in London and Objectifs Films. Once again, upand coming Singapore filmmaker, Boo Junfeng will curate a line-up ofSingapore short films.

This event will also be a launch platform for two complete unknown short filmmakers, one based in the UK and the other fromSingapore. Following the screening there will be a Q&A session with some ofthe filmmakers.

Come meet some of the filmmakers at the pre screening reception.
3.00pm Pre-screening reception
3.30pm Screening

Short Film Screening List:
Zo Gang - Jacen Tan
Flat Dreams - Eva Tang
Yesterday's Play - Ryan Tan
The Mole - Victric Thng
White - Tan Wei Keong
Katong Fugue - Boo Junfeng
Ah Ma - Anthony Chen
D.I.Y. - Royston Tan