Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'The Yunnan Project' New Cinema Series Group @ London's Coronet Cinema 30 Nov 2009

“The Yunnan Project” New Cinema Series Group will arrive in London on 30 November 2009 to hold the Finding Shangri-La cultural exchange event at 18:00 in London’s Coronet cinema, a 400-seat traditional
British movie theatre.

This programme will include the London premiere of "Finding Shangri-La", a film directed by one of the new generation of female directors, Ismene Ding from Taiwan; the Shangri-La Photo Exhibition; and live music from some of the top musicians in Yunnan Province.

Guests from the Chinese and British film industries press, governments, business and cultural associations will be invited to witness the
year’s most special showing of the mysterious and beautiful local culture that comes from China’s Yunnan Province.

Images could be downloaded through

Dimsum has 4 double passes for our readers to the screening of "Finding Shangri-La" on 30th November 2009.

To get one, send your emails to; with subject "Finding Shangri-La" and your full name.

First come, first served!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beyond Typography by Jesvin Yeo - Singapore Pangram

Following her successful exhibition in Beijing this summer, artist Jesvin Yeo will be exhibiting her new work that explores the language of fellow Singaporeans. 

The artist has created 26 pangrams using the vocabulary of Singlish. Pangram is a sentence that uses all the 26 alphabets of Roman language. This exhibition illustrates how the language is part of Singaporean culture, describing the fusion of Singapore’s different races, their influences and how that culminates into the present culture. The artworks are characterized by perforated with elaborate tiny holes. Viewers have to use mini LED touch to filter light through these tiny holes to view the pangram. Intentionally, the works at once confound and elucidate, challenging the viewer’s perceptions by confronting the very nature of stereotypes, seeing and the symbiotic relationship between typography, the artist and the viewer in a process of discovery.

Nanyang Technological University

20 Nov –30 Nov 2009
10:00am–7:00pm daily
Free admission
The City Hall, Level 4, Courtroom 21