Monday, March 16, 2009

Network Committee 2009

2009 SCNUK Team

Fontine Lee
Core Network PR & Events Manager

Edward Goh
Core Network Creative Manager

Vivian Chan
Network Mentor

Tina Johnson
Network PR & Events Advisor

Winnie Lee
Network Creative Advisor

Christopher Lee
Network Arts & Culture Advisor

Malaysia Film Festival 2009

Malaysians have discovered a strong voice through film and they are expressing this at a film screening in London.

The Freedom Film Fest Retrospective (2004-2008) will be held on the 28th of March 2009, at The Garden Court Chambers, London.

The event features documentaries by past Freedom Film Fest(FFF) competition winners and films made by local Activists who use the FFF to draw attention to Human Rights issues in Malaysia. The film fest has also been used by Singaporean film-makers - Martyn See and Seelan Palay - to screen their documentaries Speakers Cornered(2006) and One Nation Under Lee(2008) after the films
were banned in Singapore.

Visit the event website at: