Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Re-birth art exhibition

Date: 17 April - 15 May 2009
Venue: Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, London
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 6070 561

Attended Siti's art exhibition a couple of weeks back but too much Hainanese chicken rice and Dim Sum Dollies at Singapore Day delayed this post till now (how convinced were you by my excuses??).
Islington Arts Factory was a shade gloomy, which makes it suitable for all things artistic, innit?

Virginie Litzler and her photography 'Plans articul├ęs'

Siti's (of course the one on extreme left lah) been in London for several years and is now working with sculptor Zadok Ben-David. I've visited the studio before and was glad to see all the staff getting together to collaborate on an exhibition. Zadok's usual jetlagged self (just returned from an exhibition in LA) was clad in all black but was still rather smiley and jokey.

Edward Parkinson's painting

The exhibition's theme was:
Re-birth: A New Lease of Life
Re-birth is an association with forms of repetition in that it expresses a fresh beginning, a commencement, and its on-going transformation through repetition
(the same again, seen differently).
The artists in this show have acknowledged something that both connects and separates them all: a shared experience (they met working for an established artist) and the differences of their own experiences. This then induces a learning, which suggests a transformation. The daily routine of working engenders a development. It is both true that the artists in this exhibition are the same as they were and have been irreparably changed by the experience of spending time together. Their work is a conversation that is expected and is yet a complete surprise.
A return to the (un)known.

Stella Orkoupolou's installation

Francisco Ortega's installation drew quite a bit of crowd. His work was a mishmash of large pipes, car engine pipes, secondhand television sets painted black and whose paint is scratched out; his work depicts the water cycle.

A hyper Fran explaining his work

By Bruno Jamaica
A peaceful Zenlike piece by Oona Culley

Guests standing in front of an Edward Parkinson

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